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Treating your pain with advanced surgical solutions

If you're looking for the best in orthopedic care, look no further than Advocare Skylands Orthopaedics. Our team of dedicated medical professionals is ready to serve you with technologically advanced medical and surgical techniques.

Advocare Skylands Orthopaedics was founded on the principle of assisting people in Hackettstown, NJ and the surrounding community suffering from joint pain. We work hard each day to offer only the best for our patients. No matter what you might need, you can trust our experienced surgeons.

Our goal is to deliver quality patient care with comprehensive surgical and non-surgical solutions. Whether you're suffering from hip, knee, wrist, or other joint pain, or you're in need of pain management services, we can help.

Our Orthopedic Services:
General Orthopedics
Hip Surgery
Knee Surgery
Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Surgery
Foot and Ankle Surgery
Joint Replacement
Non-Surgical Treatments
Fracture Care
Spine Care
Sports Medicine
Pain Management
Managed Injections

If you've been told in the past that there's nothing that can be done about your joint pain or spinal problems, let us give you a second opinion. The medical technology now used in orthopedic medicine has come a long way, and we may be able to offer you options that were unavailable in the past.

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